Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Cat Came Back

Some weeks ago a cat showed up at our house. He looks like he belongs to someone. You can tell he'd spent a lot of time around people because he came right up to us. He even tried doing a trick to impress me (rolled over).

He looked clean like he only goes outside occassionally, but had no collar. I went on about my business, but the cat stayed around for days, even jumped in our van when I was unloading the groceries one evening. I didn't know it until I went to start it the next morning and he was in there. Found his hairs on something that belonged to my son. He'd obviously slept in there.

Another morning while I was loading the children he jumped in the van. Elijah didn't notice. Ariana squealed. I put him out. He didn't even show his claws. I was already concerned with the temperatures, but became more concerned about a clawless cat being outside. I figured I'd post pictures of him around the neighborhood though I feared he belonged to the neighbors who had moved as he spent a lot of time around that house meowing really loudly. I got him a bowl and some food to feed him until someone called for him.

Naturally Ariana wanted to keep him, and says, daddy isn't here, can we keep him. I'd told her we couldn't have a pet because the hair would make her father sick. But honestly having a pet and really caring for them is almost like having another child. If I didn't know it, I sure know it after reading of others' experiences with pets. But I did some dog sitting while in college and I remember the instructions having the amount of detail I give my sitter now. I also had a roommate who had a dog. I really don't feel I could take care of a pet and not knowing this one's history and with us having lost my husband, I said no.

Well, the day we brought the food home the cat was nowhere to be found. After 3 days I figured his owners had him. I hoped they did anyway. I tossed the food and bowl. We finished up December, went through Christmas and New Years, Elijah's birthday, went on with life.That brings me to yesterday.

He's back. I couldn't believe it. And it is definitely the same cat. He ran right up to me while I was taking Elijah into the house. Knowing his speed, I pointed for him to leave before opening the door and he ran back down into the yard. I know if he got into the house, I'd never get him out. Only thing was once I closed the glass door he came right back up the steps and he sat on the porch meowing loud enough for me to hear him from inside. I thought, "Great, he's hungry." Went upstairs, could still hear it.

What do I do? The one thing they say you shouldn't do if you don't want an animal attached to you. I fed him. Like I said, I'd tossed the cat food I bought, but I like tuna salad and tuna casserole, so I had several cans of tuna in the cabinet. I opened one can of tuna and put it on a paper towel and put some water in a bowl. He was still there when I opened the front door. He followed me all the way to the corner of the house until I put the stuff down. He acted as if he hadn't eaten in quite a while.

He was right there when we came out this morning and had eaten every single drop of the tuna. Ariana ran around like she was scared of him, but he jumped around like he was playing with her. He was sitting over by my husband's car when we left. I guess if he's there when we get home that will be another can of tuna to go. Cheaper than the cat food for sure, especially since I don't know how long he'll be around. The children's Godfather fed a cat though and he's stayed outside their house for several months so far. All they do is feed him and he just hangs out in the back yard. They have named him Midnight because of his fur.

He's really cute, but Ugh! Do I need this? Perhaps someone thinks I do.

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