Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Miracles and sadness: the mixed bag of my widowhood part 1

First the miracle. The Air Conditioner in the house had been running low for weeks. It was running, but the fan in the unit was running slower and the air wasn't coming out of the vents with enough force. Despite it running all the time, the house was constantly 85 degrees. I had to run all the ceiling fans and an electric fan in each bedroom to keep us comfortable until I could afford to have a repairman visit. Once things came together, I figured it was time to call the guy about the AC. But then something happened. It rained and got a little cooler so we slept without the extra fans. It was 93 degrees the next day and I cringed at my desk when I realized I'd forgotten to turn them back on before leaving for work.

I came home expecting the house to be an oven, but it wasn't. It was actually cool inside. I looked over to the nearest vent and looked at the blinds hanging 3 feet above it. Instead of barely moving every few seconds like it had been for weeks it was moving like it was outside in the wind. I walked over to it and I couldn't believe it…air! Air was flowing through it like normal. I could feel it all the way up to my face whereas before I could barely feel it on my legs when I stood over it.

Looked at the thermostat…78. Went to a window and looked down at the unit outside. Before the fan moved slower to the point where I could see the individual blades, but now they moved fast so all I could see was a blur.

With the house cooler, I have more energy in the evenings so Monday I came home and made dinner, ate w/the children, cleaned the kitchen, read to the children, bathed everybody, put the kids to bed, got Elijah's food ready for the next day, picked out clothes, put in a load of laundry, then sat down with my study guide (pastor provides one with each new sermon) and some fruit and spent an hour preparing for the next Bible Study before I went to bed.

Not sure if God fixed it or sent someone to fix it without my knowledge, but we've been fine in the house since then-no ceiling fans, no electric fans and I can turn the AC off at night when I got to bed. Good thing too because around the same time, I realized my minivan needs not one, not two but 'count 'em four new tires...and this wasn't a "wait til the end of the month purchase. It wasn't even a "wait until payday purchase. It was an "it should have been done last week" purchase.

Oh well...breathe in, breathe out...head to Wal-Mart.

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