Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Man Cave Becomes the Boy Cave, part 2-The Man Cave is Empty

It took me over a year to get to the point of being ready to do it. For 14 months I walked in and out of the man cave, going in when I had to and forming a vision of what I really wanted that room to be.

In 30 minutes two men in a truck had it cleared. A love seat, the TV stand, night stand, two desks and yes, the recliner.

I also had my vanity set, old nightstand, the trundle bed under Ariana's bed, a chest of drawers that was broken, a broken coffee table and an old tube TV removed.

They did really well. I didn't even notice them have any trouble removing the love seat and recliner and I remember the drama that ensued when those pieces were put into that room.

It was quick and painless. They charged me according to how much room in the truck my stuff required. The pieces were just under a 3 quarter load...$310. Not bad to get rid of all that in 30 minutes and they'll recycle the items that are not suitable for donation, not just dump them somewhere.

Then I was left to clean up...a process that was the total opposite of quick and painless. I began the decluttering process prior to their arrival and it continued after they left. Vacuum, fill a trash bag, vacuum, fill a trash bag, vacuum, fill a trash bag.

I removed everything I could from the walls of the room and cleaned underneath both mine and Ariana's beds.

I eventually broke down and cried for about 30 minutes. I was beyond tired. The children had long been bathed and put to bed. I took a shower and passed out.

Next the fun part. It was time to go shopping for paint and painting supplies.

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