Sunday, May 29, 2011

Restoring Life to the Man Cave: My Little Boy's Room

Well, Elijah's bedding set and wall decor arrived in the mail. Shortly after the personalized clocks I ordered for the children came. In the meantime I hit Wal-Mart for some frames and stuff for the family room. I did two walls with just pictures of the four children.

I have half of the wall over the television done. I have one group of pictures from the last session Thomas, Ariana and I did when I was pregnant with Elijah (before I knew it) with some decorative art. I hope to have a session with the children this week. I talked to a lady at Wal-Mart's portrait studio a little while ago.

I bought everything I need for Thomas' memorial wall. I'm going to laminate his awards, frame his postumus Post Office service award and the Memorial certificate from Washington and put up some pictures.

The big thing though is, I painted Elijah's room. We're still getting used to calling it Elijah's room. Every time he goes in there I tell him it is his room. I painted it from ceiling to floor in a light blue. Home Depot has a Disney Collection and it was officially called Bibbidi Boppity Boo Blue. Really I can't make that up. That was a real process. I had never painted a room before, but once I had everything I needed, I felt pretty confident about it. I got several rollers in different sizes and lengths and a lot of the pads that hold the paint. I got several brushes and trays, two packs of those disks used to move furniture and four drop cloths for the carpet.

It took about 9 hours with several breaks to eat and comfort Elijah. I finished at about 10 that night. Ariana, bless her heart, thought I should have had some help, but I had my reasons for doing it alone. She did help with some of the painting, but mostly she looked out for Elijah. She also was on microwave duty when it was time to eat. I asked her to warm a slice of pizza for Elijah and she got us all pizza and on separate plates. That was really cool.

I left the room closed with the window open and the ceiling fan on to get the smell out. I read that it takes a couple of days. I gave it four. Then I put up his wall art, stickers and decals. Cars, trucks, boats, airplanes. He loves toy vehicles and he's always moving so the theme for his room is Travel Time. His walls are done and I feel good about them. More than that, he likes them. He came in and was captivated. He looked around pointing and smiling. I picked him up and he stared at the walls in awe. Now I just need his crib and an area rug. I think he's going to enjoy his room.

It looks so so much different. But it's a good different. When I go in there now, I

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