Friday, June 3, 2011

Adventures in Summer Camp

Some poor 8 year-old boy got his heart broken when he professed his love for my daughter. He gave her a note saying "You're beautiful. I love you" and put his phone number on it.

And she's been there less than a week.

She tossed the note and his heart in the trash. WOOT WOOT! THAT'S MY GIRL!…I mean, poor thing. He really had no idea who he was dealing with. She knows that is not what being 8 years old is about in our house.

I was tickled and amazed at her tone as she told the story. Her distinct "matter of fact" attitude mixed with a splash of "how dare he?" with a bit of "eeeewwwww" on the side. She knows about relationships, but feels they are between men and women, not boys and girls.

I wonder a few things. On the serious side, I wonder how long it will last and am continuing to pray she keeps the attitude that relationships are for men and women. On the lighter side, I wonder how many broken hearted boys she will leave in her wake. Apparently she didn't even wait until he wasn't looking to throw the note away.

I always say, "you got to love her". I guess it's true.

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