Monday, June 20, 2011

Whose Bright Idea Was This Anyway?

I must be glutten for punishment. Setting up an estate folder earlier in the week and then pulling Thomas' clothes from the two closets.

It was time. I know it was. It's a necessary step on the way to Elijah's bedroom becoming a reality and us having the space we need in here to store what we keep.

But I thought I'd given away a significant amount and there is still sooooooo much. I put it all on the floor of Elijah's room to make it easier for the children's Godfather and whoever helps him. I think I've gone as far as I can.

I put all the clothes out flat on the floor in piles, still on the hangers. I made 2 stacked rows of shoes. His socks filled a 39 gallon lawn bag as did his hats.

And yet again I went back and forth, again and again to my garage which is not looking too good right now. I'm only requiring myself to make sure there's a good path through it because it is one of our fire exits. Sometimes it seems like stuff is multiplying.

I did get the kids' bathroom done. Ariana picked a set with frogs, which I can appreciate because it's not girly and she'll share that bathroom with her brother. Both kids' bedroom walls are painted and decorated and the princess is in her castle with new bedding, rearranged furniture and a new (what else) pink floor lamp.

I got lamps in the family room that match the furniture and I looked at table sets (coffee table and end tables) over the week. I got Thomas' memorial wall done and am almost done with the walls in the family room.

I'm emotionally drained right now. When I was in the closet, I came across some hand puppets Thomas had purchased. They were Sesame Street Characters, 2 Ernies and one Cookie Monster. I looked at the date on the receipt and remembered Ariana was heavily into Sesame Street at the time and Thomas had purchased them so they could play together. I think they played with them maybe once. Elijah came in and I put the Cookie Monster puppet on my hand and sang the "C is for Cookie" song. He laughed and it was about all I could take. I asked him whose idea it was for me to do this on Father's Day weekend. He stretched his eyes wide. They are the one, and I mean the only one, feature he inherited from me. But they fit so well on the rest of his face that he clearly inherited from his dad. He stretched them wide and looked at me. Then I remembered. It was mine.

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